Mortgage Fundamentals
AMI was founded in 2010 in response to the mortgage crisis as a provider of comprehensive, 100% live, in-classroom instruction. As the only mortgage training school in the US to boast Department of Education approval, it was AMI’s goal to go far beyond the scope of any other provider and create new and effective education and training programs.

AMI’s signature program is its Mortgage Loan Officer Program:

  • Approved by the Department of Education in New Jersey & Delaware
  • Received training grants from the New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development
  • Successfully trained and placed 200 new, licensed loan originators over two years in the Delaware Valley
AMI’S Role in Mortgage Education
  • AMI provides the highest level of mortgage education, going beyond what is “required” in order to provide what is “critical” for success.
  • AMI has developed training to remake the industry, designed to attract a new breed of loan officers, restore public confidence in the industry and, increase ethics, integrity and compliance.
  • AMI provides mortgage lenders & banks with an education and training platform designed to build a better mortgage professional.
Opportunities in the Mortgage Industry
It is estimated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that more than 70,000 jobs will be created in the industry in the next five years throughout the United States. The industry is looking to bring in younger and more diversified professionals and MBA’s across the country are working on diversity initiatives to assist employers.

  • Students need jobs and this is an industry that is hiring and actually seeking younger candidates.
  • This course will help a student determine if a career in the mortgage industry is something they would like to pursue after graduation and provide them with essential background on the industry.
Mortgage Fundamentals for Colleges & Universities
  • Taken from the first course of AMI’s signature Mortgage Loan Officer Program, Mortgage Fundamentals is a comprehensive introduction to the mortgage industry.
  • It is designed to teach industry basics, the roles and responsibilities of mortgage professionals, mortgage products and processes.
  • Mortgage Fundamentals can enhance a business/finance course of study.
  • In an industry where significant change is constant, the materials for Mortgage Fundamentals are always up-to-date with the most recent information.
  • Mortgage Fundamentals is the perfect introduction to the mortgage industry – an industry that provides attractive career opportunities for your graduates.
What AMI Provides for Mortgage Fundamentals
Course Books

Textbooks (English and Spanish Available)

  • Necessary for each student
  • Published by AMI to be sold in your book store

Workbooks (English and Spanish Available)

  • Necessary for each student
  • Published by AMI to be sold in your book store

Material Updates

  • AMI will publish new materials when industry regulations are changed or updated. You will be made aware of any changes prior to each semester

Instructor Manual

The instructor manual is a map of the course to help the instructor navigate each lesson effectively and includes:

  • Lesson plans for each chapter
  • Answer keys to exams and quizzes
  • Copies of homework assignments with answers
  • Instructions for class activities
  • Course outline

Training for Instructors (Optional)

AMI provides individual and group orientation designed to assist instructors:

  • Manage the course material
  • Follow the class outline
  • Administer exams and quizzes
  • Assign homework
  • Proctor in-class activities and break-out sessions
Course Structure in a Semester
Depending on your semester duration, we can make Mortgage Fundamentals fit your requirements.

  • Fall and Spring Semester (Examples Only)
    • 3 Days a week, 1 Hour per day (15 weeks)
    • 3 Days a week, 2 Hours per day (8 weeks)
    • 2 Days a week, 2 Hours per day (11 weeks)
  • Winter Semester (Examples Only)
    • Would be customized for your needs
  • Summer Semester (Examples Only)
    • 5 Days a week, 2.5 Hours a day (4 Weeks)
For more information on how to get this course into your College or University please contact AMI at 800.264.0958