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Veteran Originator and Sales Manager Discusses the Benefit of Mortgage Master

 In an industry that has seen dramatic changes over the last few years, those who were in the business for years discuss the benefit of Mortgage Master, not only for new originators, but also for themselves.
Timothy J. Bennett, an MLO Sales Manager with Jersey Shore State Bank in State College, Pennsylvania, was an originator for seven years, but then was out of the industry for the next seven years.  Tim returned to mortgage banking in April and offers a unique perspective as a “boomerang” originator – someone who was in the industry, but away from it for a long time. The industry Tim returned to was different from that which he was proficient in seven years ago.
Tim took Mortgage Master recently and said, “I would’ve loved this when I first started as a mortgage broker in 2001.  I also feel it would’ve been great for me in April as I just got back into the industry after a 7-year hiatus and am learning different products that I didn’t have in my tool belt previously.”  Mortgage Master overall incorporates many different learning strategies and teaching methods to keep students engaged and interested in the material, which is appealing to students.  Indeed, Tim “likes how Mortgage Master is trying to accommodate different adult learning methodologies by having readings and videos.”
For originators new to the industry, Tim recognized the benefit, not only from a training and education perspective, but also for employee morale and loyalty. “For an individual just getting into the industry or relatively new and looking forward in their career, I see huge value in this program.  I found myself thinking [as a seasoned originator] that if a company gave this type of training to new originators or those that were relatively new to the industry, they would have the sense that the company cares about their future and was investing in them as an individual and supporting them in a career.”  Overall, Tim felt that Mortgage Master will help new loan originators and loan originator assistants get started in their new career and for himself, as an originator and a sales manager, the advertising and sales modules in Mortgage Master in particular “got my adrenalin going to develop as an individual and a team.”

New MLOs Benefit From Mortgage Master

Mortgage Master is designed for new entrants to the mortgage industry and the benefits are clear.
Rocko Karim started at Mortgage Express in November and is new to the mortgage industry.  Having just completed Mortgage Master Rocko said, “I enjoyed the training program because it gave me an opportunity to think about my past business experiences and how I could incorporate the ideas presented in the program to benefit my specific situation.  As a new MLO there is a lot to learn and you get a lot of information thrown at you.  This program is a great reinforcement of information that may be you didn’t completely understand, you forgot, or perhaps was never shared with you.”
Beyond the content, Rocko found the features of Mortgage Master helpful to keep him engaged and as an enhancement to the material, including interviews with industry personnel such as realtors, instructional videos reviewing documents such as credit reports, the practical aspects of the program that include mortgage calculations and sales and marketing plans and the quizzes and games that reinforce terminology and other fundamentals. “I would recommend Mortgage Master to anyone who is getting started in the mortgage industry.  It’s a great way to learn the fundamentals of the industry and to help get you started originating loans.”

Regional Sales Manager Trains New MLOs with Mortgage Master

Having been in the mortgage industry since 1993, working my way up from a rookie loan officer, branch manager, trainer, sales manager and regional sales manager, one of the biggest challenges is growing new rookie loan officers.  There are so many good things about bringing people into the industry, on your platform, into your culture that is beneficial to the individual as well as the company.  There are not that many “top shelf” recruits looking for work but there are a number of top producing loan officers in other careers that just need the invitation and the nurturing to be a top producer.  One of my new originators just completed Mortgage Master and I could not be more pleased with the results.  Mortgage Master kept him engaged through several different learning methodologies – videos, games, quizzes – and the content was second to none.  I have not seen a more comprehensive training program that imparts, not only the fundamentals of the industry, but also the mechanics of how to be a loan officer and work effectively within your office, ethical behavior and a structure for how to set yourself up from day one to build a network of business.  Today, the stakes are too high to not properly train your personnel.  Mortgage Master is a fantastic introduction to the industry that I know will reap dividends for my business.